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i ran 57.7 mi…alone and unsupported!

i’m on elective this week, which means quite a lot of free time. i had two plans, but they both failed to materialize.

first, i was intending to run a 50k at boggs mountain (in nearby wine country), only to realize that i was viewing a website from 2010. the race, apparently, was not repeated this year.

second, i was intending to solo climb mt sill (the 4th highest peak in CA). my father, recently arrived in CA, was going to shuttle me out, through yoesmite, to the east side of the sierras. we were all ready to go. a problem materialized…the first big storm of 2011 is set to hit the sierras on 11/4 – the anticipated date of my climb. mt sill is expected to be 10 F at the base and -15 F at the summit (with 50mph+ winds). this, needless to say, was not going to happen.

plan 3 was composed yesterday and executed today. i found a series of trails, starting in nearby loma mar (of the santa cruz mountains) and ending on waddell beach. i put together my pack, and set out on a solo endurance run this morning.

i hit the trail at 6am, kept a steady pace, made the pacific by 11:45, and returned to the car by 5:15. the total distance, my longest continuous run, was 57.7mi!

it was a blast!

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